Lightcomm Technology Co.,Ltd
2Nd floor, Building A2, Jia’an Industry Park, Shangchuan Road, Xin 'an Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China.

Postcode: 518101

Tel: +86 0755 86157878
FAX: +86 0755 83434363


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Recently Forbes issued the 2010 Fubes Chinese potential enterprise list, LightComm was ranked 129th. 

It's reported that total 27 Shenzhen enterprise including LightComm were in the list.

LightComm Technology, CO. Ltd, founded in 2000 by a team of optical component engineers with more than 20 years experience, is a leading, innovative company of fiber optical components. LightComm provides cost effective solutions  based on Fused Fiber Couplers, PLC, CWDM/DWDM Filters, EDFA, Pump Combiners, Isolators, PM Fiber Components, Connectors and Integrated Modules technologies. High level research, development and design work enable LightComm's products extremely flexible in meeting client requirements.LightComm's products can be found around the world, wherever you are,LightComm's engineers are able to help you design the components which meet your exact requirements.wherever you are, LightComm's engineers are able to help you design the components which meet your exact requirements.Lightcomm is Expert of fiber optics components, Largest manufacturer of fused fiber coupler in China, and Leading company of high power components. Cost effective, best quality and best service are always our goal.

A leading and innovative company in fiber optics:

Supported by a group of engineers and mass-production managers meticulously executed and experienced, based on the self-developed intellectual properties and the state-of-the-art technologies, LightComm developed a series of mini size fused fiber couplers, special PM fiber components including fused PM fiber couplers and filter-based PM fiber components,and high quality multimode fiber pump combiners, as well as high power YEDFA, high power isolators. 

These show LightComm has the highest design ability and technology through never ending R&D activities.

Global market and service:

LightComm's products can be found around the world wherever you are, LightComm's engineers are able to help you design the components which meet your exact requirements. LightComm supports clients from design prototype sampling to mass-production. If you need special optical components, turn to LightComm. Based on our experienced engineer teams, strong product developing ability, strict quality control systems,and mass production capacities,LightComm is ready to provide timely delivery for reliable products and best service to our customers. Lightcomm desires to be your trustworthy partner.

Best quality and guarantee:

LightComm has millions of fiber components operating reliably day in day out, we promise life time guarantee for our fiber components. Lightcomm always take priority of its products reliability. To be reliable, to be assurable is always our goal.

LightComm quality system is ISO 9001 certificated and all of LightComm coupler products are Telcordia 1209 /1221 and RoHS compliant.

LIGHTCOMM has greatly generated new opportunities and ensure an even brighter future.

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