High Power In-line Isolator, HP(M)IIT

The high power isolator series includes in-line type, beam expanded isolator, fiber in and free space out isolator and free space isolator etc., They’re characterized with low insertion loss, high isolation, high power handling, high return loss, excellent environmental stability and reliability. They are ideal for fiber laser and instrumentation applications.

Key Features:

High isolation and low insertion loss

* PM and Non-PM are available

* Excellent environmental stability and reliability

* Fiber can be customized


* Fiber Laser

* Fiber Sensor   

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 High Power In-line Isolator,HP(M)IIT(doc038).pdf




High power in-line isolator,   HP(M)IIT

Non-PM isolator

PM isolator

Operating wavelength( nm)


Peak isolation ( dB)


Isolation in band at 23(   dB)


Insertion loss at 23(   dB)


Polarization dependent loss ( dB)



Extinction ratio ( dB)



18dBPM10/125   SCF);

16dBPM10/125   DCF);

Return loss ( dB)


Fiber type (can be customized)

HI1060, x/125, x/250, etc.

(x=10um, 15um, 20um, 30um,etc.)

PM980, PM x/125, x/250, etc.


Input max.   power handling

Average (W)

20, higher on demand

Pulse peak(KW)

10, higher on demand

Operating temperature ()

-5 ~ +50

Storage temperature ()

-20 ~ +70

Dimensions (* L or L*W*H)mm

45 *L155 or   160*39*39

 * Both single cladding fiber (SCF) and double cladding fiber (DCF) are available.

 * Backward power<10% input power

 Dimension can be made on customer request

 * Insertion loss of light through fiber cladding is not included in the Insertion loss specification.

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